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    Prerequisites and Core Courses
All MBA degree programs have the same prerequisites and core courses. Students may apply for waivers from these courses, with the exception of MG7660 Business Policy. Waivers from concentration courses, breadth electives or free electives are not granted. For more information visit the Waivers Information page.

  • Mathematical Methods for Business (equivalent of DG6810)
  • Statistics (equivalent of DG6820)
  • Managerial Economics (Microeconomics - equivalent of BE6220)
Core Courses:
  • AC6111 - Fundamentals of Accounting
  • BL6310 - Business Law I
  • MG6613 - Fundamentals of Management (Prerequisites BE6220 and DG6820)
  • FN6411 - The Financial Environment (Prerequisite AC6111)
  • MK6710 - Marketing Management (Prerequisite BE6220)
  • IC6910 - Management Information Systems
  • MG6627 - Operations Management
  • MG7660 - Business Policy (Prerequisites all core courses)
  • MG7660 - Business Policy (the capstone course of the MBA – this course cannot be waived)


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